Training for war affected young men

The Scientific-Educational Foundation of the Gyumri Information Technologies Center in partnership with "Zinvori Mayr" Charitable Non-Governmental Organization of the Republic of Armenia, funded by the Fund for Armenian Relief, conducts 6-months programming free course for young people who acquired health issues by 44-day war. 
The main goal of this program is to give young people the opportunity to start a career in IT, to have a new profession, to get a new job.

  • The participants will receive in-depth knowledge of:
  • HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Data Base
  • Discrete mathematics
  • Theory of algorithms
  • And networking basics

After the Web development course the participants will be able to create, design websites, single pages and applications.

Date: May 2017 – Oct 2017

Boosting Technological Developments in Shirak Region

Through funding of the European Union and RA Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development, Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia and Gyumri Information Technologies Center implemented a new project, aiming to support economic development of Shirak marz through skill enrichment of unemployed young population and business development of IT community. The project's goal was to train the unemployed youth and enlarge the operation of existing IT companies in the region through skill enhancement of the companies in the form of business development and financial assistance.

Date: July 2017 - Dec 2018

Web programming training for discharged young men for military service

Gyumri Information Technology Center educational foundation, funded by the Armenian Fund for Relief, conducted a 6-month free training courses discharged young men for military service or the youth of the military discharged, in conjunction with the Armenian Soldier's Mother Charitable NGO. The program participants gained knowledge in HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Data Base, Linux, Adobe Photoshop, Discrete Mathematics, Algorithms Theory and English. At the end of the course participants designed web sites, separate pages, apps. The program was implemented for one purpose: enable servicemen or disadvantaged youth to enter the IT sector and have a job opportunity.

Date: March 2019 - Oct 2019

Creating a platform between ICT and tourism sectors

"Gyumri Technology Information Center" Scientific-Educational Foundation in partnership with "Fur Armenien" Foundation, with the financial support of the EU4Business "Innovative Tourism and Technology Development for Armenia" project, conducted "Platform between ICT and tourism sector representatives through digital skills and Innovative Solutions development" program aimed at expanding the tourism opportunities in Shirak region through digital skills empowerment and innovative solutions development. The main goal of the program was to support tourism sectoral companies from Shirak region in the crisis due to pandemic situation through development alternative opportunities for their activities. The program consisted of two stages:

  1. Implementation of the digital and technological workshops for tourism sector representatives: Web Development; Search engine optimization (SEO); Social media marketing (SMM); Business online management.
  2. Development of innovative solutions in the tourism sector and their pilot in the Shirak region.

Date: Oct 2020 - May 2021

"Engineering Education in High School" free educational program

The Armenian Educational Foundation implements the "Engineering Education in High School" free educational program in high schools of the Gyumri branch of NPUA, cooperating with GITC. The uniqueness of the "Engineering Education in High School" free educational program is that the education is provided with practical and modern technologies. The Armenian Educational Foundation is establishing the Engineering Laboratory in Gyumri branch of NPUA, equipped with special engineering mechanisms. Students will have the chance to apply their knowledge practically, which will give them a professional advantage. The program gives students knowledge and skills in the following fields.

  • Software engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Soft Skillset

AEF and GITC are focused on education and social development, that's why we launched "Engineering Education in High School" free educational program.

Date: Feb 2021 - in progress

Improving the social conditions of the victims of the Artsakh war in Tavush region through capacity building

The aim of "Improve the social conditions of the victims of the Artsakh war in Tavush region through capacity building" program is to support 100 individuals living in Tavush region, who are in a difficult social situation as a result of the Artsakh events. Within the framework of this program, web programming courses are organized for the representatives of the target group, as well as they receive psychological and Financial Management / Accounting consultations. Our initiative have an impact on overcoming the psychological complex of inferiority of the target group of the project, as the participants receive psychological support so that their reintegration into public life is complete. All participants of the program will have the opportunity to acquire a profession that is in demand in the modern labor market The courses are held in:

  • Ijevan
  • Berd
  • Noyemberyan

Date: May 2021 - in progress